As you all know widgets are free software programs that can be very easily embedded into your websites, blogs (for wordpress for ex). ComScore as announced that in May over 220 million persons have used widgets and the number is growing from month to month. So creating widgets has become a business, especialy for a person that you all know, the co-founder of the online pay-processing company Paypal, Max Levchin. He is already rich, from selling his company to eBay for 1.5 billion $ in 2002, but now Levchin has some new great ideas. He founded , one of the biggest widgets maker on the web. Their widgets are used on almost every social networks, such as,, and so on, that results in big traffic for slide, ranked on position 200 in => a lot of money.

The point is that Levchin is a money machine maker because, in the near future he wants to embed advertising banners, links in the in or around the widgets that his new company is creating, especialy the slide show widget. This can result in a profitable business for him, because his widgets are already used as I said on a lot of websites that have a lot of traffic. The good part is that he is making money, and he is allowing his users to make money to. Levchin has signed deals with really big companies such as Discovery Channel, AT&T Wireless, Paramount Pictures and many more because he wants to allow Slide users to decorate their slide shows with logos, banners from the companies I mentioned.
The problem with this type of advertising for Levchin is that those big websites that will host the widgets will want a share of the profit and some websites such as the social network Facebook allows the widgets developers keep all the revenue.
In conclusion Max has the chance to become a multi billionaire with this new advertising plan. Good for him!

  • Hey! That was my idea until Levchin came up with it. Just kiding. Love you blog and all you there her man. Keep it up.