google chrome download and all aboutI really like the idea of a Google browser as much as I dislike it, in terms of web design, because it’s a pain in the a** to tweak css and xhtml (for example a wordpress theme) for different browsers, especially for MS Internet Explorer. Besides that I think that Google’s new browser, Chrome, is like a safety plan for them because:

1. Microsoft puts in danger Google Adsense.
Yes that’s true. If you didn’t know, Microsoft plans to release some new features for its browsers (Internet Explorer 8 ) that will automatically block ads and when I say ads I think that adsense is their main priority. Just imagine that Microsoft, who has approximately 70% of the internet users, blocks Google’s main source of money Adsense.

It’s business and Google is smart enough to have a second plan, in this situation a browser 100% made and marketed by them.

The fact that Google’s search engine is so popular (for good reasons) gives me an idea of how many users will use Chrome as their main browser and how big G will for sure beat Firefox’s download record with about 100-500% more downloads in a single day (let’s hope they have enough bandwidth 🙂 ).

2. A browser is like a gold mine when it comes to user information.
You all know that Google collects information from users easy enough to know how dumb or smart we are. A good example in this case is the Google Toolbar with a few options that grabs info, sends it to different google apps or bookmarks it. Now imagine how much user data they could collect with their own browser. G is smart? YES 8) !

Any ideas when Yahoo releases a browser? Also you can download Google Chrome from here, it looks great 😀 .

  • Any ideas when Yahoo releases a browser?

    mybe .. everything possible

  • I think I’ll stick to Firefox 3. Plug-in beat out bookmarklets any day. I can use Scribefire, StumbleUpon and control my iTunes right from Firefox, what’s not to love?

  • Yahoo will not release any browser, that’s for sure, but Google did a smart move like they always do. I wrote a little bit myself on that topic, as of why Google still sponsor Firefox, but gets their own baby:

    Also, here’s a new project called @

  • I have a feeling that Google will try to get and store as much search intelligence as possible from Chrome users as well… You never know what info they are sending back to Google’s search DB


  • I’m just starting to test it out. So far, I’m missing firefox, but time will tell on how many features google will add over time.