A lot of people define web2.0 as a progression from what was the internet in the 90′ and what it is now, in 2007. K, so in the past , web1.0, there was only text and images because people didn’t have stable and high internet connections, now almost everyone has a broadband internet connection and for this fact the technology has evolved and now we have video, chats, radio, social networks, podcasting and other types, this is the so called web2.0 . In my opinion this is only the normal way of progression, as if you were a child and you grow mature, so I don’t think it was really necessary to define this progression with a certain word like web2.0 . In conclusion web1.0 = HTML, Web Presentations, web 2.0 = API/AJAX, Mass Collaboration and web3.0 = I don’t know, maybe Semantic Web + AI. You can see in this movie with Eric Schmidt, CEO at Google, the best definition for this terms:

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