Some of you know that on the internet are a lot of ebooks that learn how to make money online with niche websites, but in fact a lot of them are created to sell some products. An example of such software is Keyword Elite, that can be found in almost every ebook on the net. This software lets you analyse keyword searches, results … and other stuff. My question is why buy such software when you have a lot of free webtools on the internet? In this post I would like to tell you some of the free tools.
K so first of all when creating a niche website you need to analyse the market, with what websites your are in comptetition and so on…
The first tool that is free is, yes Google. For example if you like to see the number of websites that have in their content the keyword phrase you are looking for, you will have to search for that keyword and phrase and I advise you to use quotation marks “”. You can see an example the next image and it is good to know that the lower the nr of pages founr is the gooder ther market is:

The second tool which is very importan it is also free and it helps you to see how much searches a keyword has. Wordtraker, I’ve been using this webtool for some time and I can say it’s very good.
The next tool and final is Google trends that will make you an impression of how big the traffic is for certain keywods or phrases. Here is a tip when you want to estimate the traffic just type in a keyword/phrase that you already have indexed by google and what traffic it brings you and then with after a comma type the keyword you want to estimate( phrases in quote marks). Go to this link to see an example.

In my opinion this tools are much more simple to use and are very good for keyword research. I will return with a tutorial on how to create a niche website