TypographyWP is an improved version of one of my latest wordpress themes.. I’ve added the following things to it:

A drop down menu, with a nice fading effect:

drop down menu

Includes threaded comments:

threaded comments

Theme options:

Theme options
From this panel you can select the type of logo you want, text or image, color schemes (blue, red, green, orange, pink), backgrounds, custom link for your RSS feed and the option to edit the title (logo) in two different colors.


theme backgrounds

Other things:

  • Valid XHTML/CSS code;
  • Widgets ready – both sidebars and two spots in the footer;
  • Adsense ready – blends well with your content, increased CTR;
  • New tabs plugin;
  • Included and styled FlickR plugin – FlickrRSS;
  • Included and styled Twitter plugin – TwitterTools;
  • Caption for images;
  • No sponsored/hidden links;
  • Under GPL license;

Live demo

If you have any questions leave a comment here.

The package also contains three layout styles: content-sidebar1-sidebar2, content-sidebar2-sidebar1, sidebar1-content-sidebar2.

You can download it now, for free:

Also take a look at my PREMIUM WORDPRESS THEMES
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  • I’ve been looking for a cute/professional wp theme. Thanks!

  • Mary

    I just installed this theme, love the look of it, but get this error:
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: comment_form_title() in /nfs/c02/h02/mnt/23439/domains/carbonprintzero.com/html/forum/wp-content/themes/typographywp/comments.php on line 41

    I can’t see where this function is defined. Is it me?

    Thanks for a great theme!


  • Spiro

    Hi there, how can i remove the header banner and have that area blank, i deleted the png but it won’t remove the http://ad link, where is it located in the php files, do delete this…Thanks for the feedback

  • Dear

    The typography theme is great.

    But I have a problem. The home has links to home (home, head and foot). The links are indicating to not found page. As I can to change these links to the right place?

    tecjor.net/wpmu to tecjor.net/wpmu/ (with slash)


  • Damian

    Excellent theme!
    If you ever have time it would be nice to see a wp theme based on this one http://mog.com/ 🙂

  • how to instal this theme to my site, please learn me

  • Hi, like the them alot. I have some questions, though.

    I’m not seeing anything regarding the Flickr and Twitter plug ins you mention, either on the version I downloaded from this site (with ad spaces) or the “clean version” from WordPress theme directory.

    Also I was unable to find the alternate 1,2,3 column layouts you mention. Going by your screenshot of the control panel, they don’t see to be controlled there.

    Finally, the title. Unless I fill out both the “custom title (logo)” field AND the “custom title different color” — the field I leave blank displays with either “Theme” or “preview”

    If I want a logo in one or the other, must I enter the URL directly into one of the style sheets?

    Thanks for your help,

  • Hi admin. love ur theme very much…

    btw how to make the typographywp theme become two column just like the one used at techysociety?

    And i think i can’t use wp threaded comment plugin using this theme, as the comment form seems messed up and there’s no post comment or post reply button…how to fix it?

    Anyway thanks in advance. Hope there’s reply from u soon! 🙂

  • Please tell me how to make it two column like techysocity,com

  • customized so much.. very good handling of divs and typography.. changes today and backlink from the footer. changes a lot after customisation, working on header part now.

    thx for releasing this theme alexandru.

  • I too am having issues with removing ‘preview’ from the header. I’ve activated the second color from the options page, and left it blank. I am not seeing a difference. Also, comments are not showing up.

    Your thoughts?

    Thank you a grillion times:)

  • Dude, That’s what I want…LovE it….Thanks..

  • I am using your theme and i like it very much. Problem is that i only need rsidebar and dont need sidebar. I tried to remove it but layout goes very bad.

    Can you tell me please how i remove the sidebar and increase content area.


  • detobo

    Hi, It is good theme!
    so, I want to change two columns, 300px side bar exist to keep right side on. post want to extend to 610px. I don’t know How to use. please teach me.

  • MJ

    I love your theme and I’ve immediately used it on my blog. I only have one problem. I can’t find the line of code for the header ad (468 ad). I was able to replace the ad468.png but I can’t find the line to change the link to the ad.


  • Dan

    How do you remove the ads on the right and left sides? I want a layout similar to http://techysociety.com/ with just the ad in the header.

  • Very good Theme !!!

  • nice theme !

  • Rob

    Awesome theme! One question: is there a way to make the tag cloud show more tags in the sidebar? It seems to not be adding more tags. I would ideally like to make it extend infinitely.

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

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  • I’m trying this theme out on another site and tried using adsense for the 468 x 60 ad placement but it appears displaced – lowered. All I did was insert the adsense code in the 468.php file.

    Ideas / Suggestions?

  • you can delete this and my prev comment/question – saw there was a newer version. Got it working right. Thanks again for the awesome theme

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  • Tiera

    Hi! Thanks for this GREAT theme! There are so many options and I think even with my limited knowledge and skills I can use this theme to get my blog up and running.

    On to my question, I’ve been able to go into the sidebar files to update the ad sections, but I’m not sure where I should be going to insert my custom ad into the 468×60 ad section. I saw that someone here previously mentioned he edited 468.php, but I can’t seem to find that file in the theme… Help!

  • admin

    The only thing you have to do is to edit header1.php and header2.php from the folder “includes”!

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  • Tiera

    Thanks! I’ve managed to get it working! Just one quick question… what is the difference between editing header1 or header2? I’ve set up the banner ad by editing header1, but what is the difference? Thanks! Again, loooving this theme!

  • admin

    header1 changes the logo into text and header2 changes it into an image. You have that option in the control panel 🙂

  • I just figured out the calendar, thanks.
    Again, GREAT THEME!

  • Andrius


    i really liked this theme and whanted to use but all the time i get this error

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_list_comments() in /home/churchill/domains/churchill.lt/public_html/wp-content/themes/TypographyWP/comments.php on line 24

    and i dont know how to fix that, can anyone help? please because now with that theme i cant use comment and what blog without comments

  • It shows a version change after upgrade to wp 2.8. What are the main differences between two versions? My website stick to typography theme for this year. No more theme changes till 2010. Thx again. 🙂

  • This theme is compatible with the qTranslate plugin?

  • emma

    how do I add ads to the designated ad space? also is there a way to change the names of the categories, archives, blogroll titles?

  • Help! Okay so I’m really loving your theme, it’s exactly what I’m looking for. But I have no idea how to add the ads to the assigned ad spaces. Please help! Please be as specific as possible, cause I have no idea what I’m doing.

  • RJ

    Love the theme… looks great. I did notice that the Categories and Blogroll seem to be hardcoded on the Sidebar 160 column. What’s the easiest way to get a widget above them? Or possibly allow for their removal?


  • So I figured out how to add the ads. But now I’m having trouble with the posts – the letters won’t italicize and the images won’t center. Any ideas why?

  • RJ

    I see my post did not make it, so let me try again. I really like the theme, I just have a couple of questions.

    1. Is there a page template that does not have the Post header? For instance, on an About page, I don’t need a title with a date, etc. I would prefer basically a blank template. If not, I can go about making one.

    2. What is the easiest way to make the Categories and Blogroll dynamic in the sidebar? Instead of being static. I’d like to move some widgets above it.

    Thanks for you help in advance,

  • the theme is awesome. i had to get it like everyone else here. everything works great, but the recent comments and posts isn’t working for myself neither. I think someone commented about that issue earlier as well. Do you mind emailing me a resolution for it as well?

    Also can i change the number of posts to show up in the home page? i’ve been looking for a way to do it, but i couldn’t locate it. Thanks for the theme and your help


  • admin

    You have a lot of plugins activated and most of them use javascript which creates problems for the tabs navigation. Try deactivating all the plugins and see if it works then. Also if it works try activating the plugins again, one by one until you find the problematic plugin.

    For the second question you should go into your administrator panel and under “Settings -> Reading” you have “Blog pages show at most”. You can change the number from there.

  • Thanks for taking your time to look at my issue. I’ve tried everything you’ve suggested and it works! you’re fast response and handling is the best! thanks for everything and you got me as a subscriber.

  • phang

    where to change to ads 480X160 ??
    which page of php??

  • Hey I found another bug ( i dont know if it’s something i’ve created) but I’ve tried to resolve the issue myself before asking you for your help because i know you’re a busy man

    when my readers is trying to reply they would get something like this http://pici.se/pictures/LdVdpVLQy.png there’s no reply button and the box is too narrow. is this something i can fix in the comments portion of the editor? Thanks in advance for your help again.

  • admin

    @Pheak Tol I don’t really know what to say, you have a lot of unnecessary plugins. Typographywp has by default “reply to comments”, the only thing you have to do is enable this option from “settings > discussion > Enable threaded (nested) comments levels deep” and disable the plugins related to this problem.

  • joe

    hi, i CAN NOT find any instructions of adding adsense code to the theme. Please help. thanks

  • Sy

    Brilliant. Already using it as my homepage.
    Thanks for a really wonderful template. God bless

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  • I’m using this for a re-do of the committee to Protect Bloggers website. Very good work. Love the typography and layout.

  • Aweasome Theme, its my favorite

  • I’m having pingbacks show up as comments in the back end, but they don’t show up in teh comments on the site itself. Any way to allow this?

    Love the theme – very clean!


  • Donovan

    Hi Alex,

    Nice theme. I just noticed that there is a date and timed stamp in the comment feed but there is none in the RSS feed.

    Was this and oversight or a part of the design. However, you respond to this question I would an appreciate an e-mail reply when you reply to this question.