TypographyWP is an improved version of one of my latest wordpress themes.. I’ve added the following things to it:

A drop down menu, with a nice fading effect:

drop down menu

Includes threaded comments:

threaded comments

Theme options:

Theme options
From this panel you can select the type of logo you want, text or image, color schemes (blue, red, green, orange, pink), backgrounds, custom link for your RSS feed and the option to edit the title (logo) in two different colors.


theme backgrounds

Other things:

  • Valid XHTML/CSS code;
  • Widgets ready – both sidebars and two spots in the footer;
  • Adsense ready – blends well with your content, increased CTR;
  • New tabs plugin;
  • Included and styled FlickR plugin – FlickrRSS;
  • Included and styled Twitter plugin – TwitterTools;
  • Caption for images;
  • No sponsored/hidden links;
  • Under GPL license;

Live demo

If you have any questions leave a comment here.

The package also contains three layout styles: content-sidebar1-sidebar2, content-sidebar2-sidebar1, sidebar1-content-sidebar2.

You can download it now, for free:

Also take a look at my PREMIUM WORDPRESS THEMES
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  • Ethan

    Thanks for creating such a nice theme. I using it for my blog. Unfortunately, I’m still getting below error message. Could advise on how to resolve this issue ? I’m using WP 2.6.3

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_list_comments() in /home6/learnmor/public_html/wp-content/themes/TypographyWP/comments.php on line 24

  • Many Thanks.

  • Thanks for the theme working for me! check out http://www.musclemeasure.com
    A celebrity health and fitness site

  • qualandar

    I am very much pleased. I’ll try it.

  • Hi,

    I’ve edited the .css file and removed the left sidebar, and extended the post section. And it shows up great for me in the current version of firefox, however I can’t get it to show up right in safari. I tried messing with the position of #post, but nothing seems to work. It just shows the post column halfway to the right and is overlapping with the logo.png image. Any suggestions?

  • admin

    You have a new version of TypographyWP with only one sidebar http://www.acosmin.com/download/51/, it looks exactly like your modification. You should use that one.

  • thanks, I’ve switched to the one-sidebar theme, but now when I update logo.png, nothing happens.

  • actually, now the image is showing up fine, but it is still doing the same thing in safari. like this: http://selomesamuel.net/did.jpg

  • Hi, I love this theme!

    I was tweaking a little, and I noticed that in your 160ad.php file, you should change the div class from “adsideright” to “adsideleft” (the 160px ad goes in the leftmost sidebar) in order to match the stylesheet.

    Chris Gerber

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  • To get the multiple subpages to work:

    I got the superfish error to go away, allowing the subpages to actually show… Look at the header file, place the myjs.js and superfish.js files after the php wp_head() call from wordpress

    <script type="text/javascript" src="/includes/js/jquery-1.3.2.min.js”>
    <script type="text/javascript" src="/includes/js/jquery.idTabs.min.js”>

    <script type="text/javascript" src="/includes/js/myjs.js”>
    <script type="text/javascript" src="/includes/js/superfish.js”>

  • I love your theme, but like a couple of others here, I’m having trouble getting it to work in Safari. I tried a few tweaks that didn’t work and then ended up going back to the original style sheet. The only major change I’ve made is to take out the tab area in the right sidebar.

    The site is: http://coopertownpto.org

    I’ll keep trying things, but any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • ¬ Monte
    That works, thanks
    only move the script code and put it after php “?php wp_head(); ?”

  • It’s beeen asked before by Laura, but I found no solution. Anyone knows lightbox plugin which works with js of “recent” function?
    Thanks in advance

  • jaay

    i installed this theme but pagenavi plugins not working.
    plz. help me

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  • thanks for the template. you make the best templates!

  • Nice themes…

  • Great template! One of the few where I didn’t immediately dig into the CSS and change things. The two issues I have had have been mentioned before. Thankfully I found fixes for both. I am using TypographyWP v2, WordPress 2.9 and Lunarpages as a webhost by the way….

    1) the flickr feature at the bottom. This plugin is located in the template files themselves, in a folder called “Plugins”. You have to still install the plugin via the backend, but that is where the zip file is. It is a shame the Readme file didn’t mention this — would have saved me an hour or so!

    2) The other major issue I had is with the thumbnails in the far right sidebar. I just could not get them to work! At first I thought it was because my site was located in a subdomain. But the default ‘no pic’ icon was showing up and it needed the same path. Also I realized that you just need the pic file name URL from the “wp-content/…” (no leading ‘/’). But then it still wasn’t working. Then I changed my permissions again. Orginially I changed the ‘cache’ file and the template folder (parent folder for timthumb.php) to ‘777’. I then changed the template folder permissions to ‘755’ (left cache as ‘777’) and “boom” it started working.

    I’ve only been using WordPress for 2 days now and it is great to have amazing-looking, and feature-rich templates like this available for use and for free! So I really can’t complain about needing to tweak things and getting into those php files a little sooner than I was expecting. Nice job!

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  • John

    I installed the version with the content in the middle . . . but these advertisement sections show up now. Is there some way to get rid of them?

  • Thk….

  • How do your remove or customize the blogroll in the 160 sidebar? I can not do either.

  • Hi,
    I’m in the middle of building a ‘go-between’ for williambowles.info which is plain html and a WP replacement, so the site is not live yet. I quite like the simplicity of this theme. However, I’m clueless about php and I’d like to modify the header to remove all the links in it eg, comments, rss feed and so on so I just have masthead logo but how do I do it?


  • Jen

    Thanks for this great theme – I’m loving it! I’ve been adjusting some of the style sheets a bit to my liking (mostly changing colors). Somewhere in the midst of that, I managed to kill the recent articles/comments functionality. Do you have any tips to make it work again?

  • anon

    Very cute of you to have your Google ads embedded on the theme without letting your users know. Cheerfully removed the ads and still going to use your theme.

    Don’t force your ads on other people’s web sites.

  • Thanks for this great theme – I’m loving it!

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  • Sebastian


    what a great theme. but how can i remove the box on the upper right side which contains latest articles and comments?


  • anna

    How do you add custom banner.

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  • hello : does your theme enable the ability to upload a custom logo? if so, how do I do that? i cannot find the logo.psd file you refer to. thanks!

  • Hi, I am implementing your wordpress theme into my blog but I noticed that when the mouse hover around the “Post Comment” picture on my site, the picture disappears!

    Would you know how to solve this?


  • Thanks for this great theme – I like it!

  • Hi! Thanks for the great theme. I love it loads but I just realised that the extreme right side bar (300) and the footer bar aren’t showing on Internet Explorer. Do you know how to rectify this?

  • Em

    how to setting “recent article & comment” function?

    please help me

  • Em

    How to active dropdown Page Menu ?

  • Em

    this great’s themes. thanks

    but how to active dropdown Page Menu ?

  • Nice theme! It reminded me of the Thesis theme but it has all the customisations the Thesis theme would require.

  • Great themes. However I had very tiny problem when I implemented it for my website. The headings of the blog entries in the sidebar show as garbled as some Turkish characters are not recognized (i.e. ch becomes eç ue becomes ü). Any suggestions or should I live with it instead of being perfectionist? Thanks for the great work.

  • have been using for long time and its amazing clean theme, well done guys

  • Hi, thanks for this great free theme. One of my favorites!

    Could you please tell me how to remove the archives widget? It’s not there in the WP dashboard widgets section. Should I delete it from the code? Would be greatly appreciated if anyone could help me out.

  • Is theme compatible with WP 3.xx?

  • hai,,