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Neville is a very clean and purposeful WordPress theme that has been designed with a unique outlook. It can be used for sophisticated online newspapers or magazines, attention grabbing blogs or your daily simple journal.

Theme Features


Provide a comfortable reading experience for your visitors using our curated fonts combinations.


Neville allows you to easily and quickly translate your website to any desired language. Included .po files.

Easy Customization

Neville is child theme friendly, provides actions and filters, making it super easy for you to change any part of it.

Responsive Design

This theme has a responsive layout and a modern design. It will adjusts to any screen size and device.

Browser Support

All major browsers are supported: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and IE10+. Your website will look the same in all of them.

Friendly Support

If you ever need help, just let us know. You can use our forum and we will be more than happy to help you.

Custom Home Page

Neville provides 5 custom sections: Slider, Category, Ad, Instagram & Blog. You can use them to create an awesome home page by adding as many sections as you’d like and moving them in any position.

Custom Title Design

If you want you titles to look fancier, you can use Neville’s custom title design option to apply italic or bold styles on any word.

Sticky Sharing Buttons

By using Jetpack’s “Social Sharing Module”, you can enable some slick sticky social buttons next to your article.

Widgetized Footer

Neville’s footer has three areas in which you can add unlimited widgets. If all sidebars are empty, the entire area is disabled.


Boxed Version

Selecting Boxed Version will add a fixed width wrapper which will allow you to use a body background color or image. Depending on your screen resolution, this might be visible only on desktop computers.

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