Is Cuil. Not! (©Borat). Ok so Cuil is the project of a few Google ex-employees who want to build a better search engine than Google itself. Their idea is fine, but they are not the first people to think about this. In 2005 France wanted to build an European search engine (Quaero) with the support of Germany, so that they could compete with Google. Their project had around $2 billion in funding, not $33 mil like Cuil, but too bad that the project lost the support of the German government and it ended up as a R.I.P project (also Germany is working on a smaller project “Theseus”, I think). thinks that it has 100 billion pages indexed but their own page doesn’t seem to appear when I search for the keyword Cuil. Isn’t this stupid or is it a strategy? I think it is the first option.
cuil new search engine vs google

Even funnier is that their domain name is registered to Tom Costello, CEO at I think that when we are talking about big projects like this one, you should register the domain with the companies name or make all the information private.

Besides all of this has a few things/futures which Google doesn’t have like:

  • A better design, simple and clean. I like anything on black background.
  • A great thing is that they use tabs, usability is great.
  • Displaying the search results in a grid view with two or three columns is something new and nice.
  • Privacy is one of their main objectives. So your ip address or other info is safe and not saved into their database.

Now let’s wait and see how they grow and update their product! If not it’s just another fancy search engine with no future!

What do you think about this search engine?

  • yamfoley

    great than

  • This new “Cuil” engine is not that great, and in fact, shouldn’t even be linked to. The format and display is ok, but the results are total garbage. Nice try (ex-Googlers).