I managed to see some great movies this week in two different high quality formats: BluRay and HD DVD. The movies that I am talking about are Alexander (2004) in HD DVD format and Phone Booth (2002) in BluRay format, both at 1280 x 544 (2.35:1). Both films are good especialy phone both but what I am trying to say is that there aren’t big differences between the two video formats.
Some printscreens from Alexander:


And from Phone Booth:


The qulity on the printscreens is a bit low because they are jpg, but as I said there isn’t any differences between the two formats. The press is comparing the BluRay and HD DVD battle with the battle between VHS and Betamax videotape but the current contest is diffrent because a part of the manufacturers are making machines that play both formats. As for this the big movie production studio Warner Brothers announced that they will make their movies in both formats ,but not as seperated products, on a twosided disk. The first firm that brought a machine that can read both formats is LG but the problem is that a lot of people hesitate to buy their product because they are waiting to see which format wins.
As many of you know the HD DVD disk has 15 GB and the BluRay disk has 25 GB but bot use different types of compression HD is using MPEG-4 and the other is still using MPEG-2. This isn’t a problem because both can store full length movies so a lot of manufacturers are offering dual-layer disks and some are trying to create a triple-layer disk. It’s insane how this guys are fighting for the market instead of reuniting their powers and create a single format, because as I said there aren’t any huge differences.

Here you can but Phone Booth on DVD for only $9.98