As you all know a week ago I released a wordpress theme called Chrome tweaks. This theme was specially designed for a blog in the web browsers niche and my main objective was/is to get top rankings in search engines for certain keywords. So far everything works fine, but the reason I write this article is because I want to share some info about this niche and furthermore, some webmasters are curious (I know I would be too) and want some statistics .

To begin with, I know that in this period, Google Chrome is maybe one of the most searched keywords in the technology niche for the simple fact that it’s a product made by big G. Because the product is a browser, it creates other subniches, as with Firefox, we have for example three or four: themes, add-ons, tweaks and “in general”.

From what I’ve tested so far the most searched keywords are related to addons, which gives me the impression that this is by far the best niche. Why? Because if you are smart you would realize that you can sell addons when the right time comes or release some for free and your traffic will probably increase.

Besides that I can tell you that I am on the main page of Google (not in top 5) for some keywords related to add-ons and I get around 500-600 unique visitors for them. I also believe that the dudes from first and second position get approximately 2000 u/v, which is great. In my case I am now receiving a total of 1400 u/v/day for all the keywords related to this niche and bellow you have a graph from my Google Analytics account which shows the traffic on the Chrome Tweaks blog, which has little content.

Putting all together I think this niche has some future and you can either get in now, or wait for a stable version of Chrome with “full options”, because it is quite impossible to generate new content about this browser.

  • Wow! successfully tap into Google Chrome trend! If you have tips on Chrome Tweaks is even better!

    Great post, I should find more trendy keywords to target, thanks!

  • Google Chrome still available in bheta, but i think it can be a good opportunity to create a new marketplace,