As you all know torrent websites are illegal and for this fact monetizing this type of website is very hard. So adsense won’t accept you, I can assure you, but there are a lot of other affiliate and ads websites that accepts torrents or adult content websites. Here is a list of advertising websites that will help you make money from your websites:

  • First of all, AdBrite is a good solution. They offer text ads, banner ads and active interstitials so you have CPC and CPM and you will get payed for cost per click, cost per action and also cost per thousand impressions. This website is the best for torrent websites, but they don’t accept adult websites.

  • Also for torrent websites is AuctionAds that helps you make cash by displaying live eBay auctions in your ad space. They are very good because they also pay for clicks not only for actios, so try them
  • Now for adult content websites we have AdultFriendFinder that pay for all types of action PPC, PCM etc. They have nice banners, some made in flash that can have a great click/conversion ratio. This type of advertising is also very good for torrents websites.
  • Another one is AVN Ads. They pay very well and they have all the types of ads so you have a lot of options.

I recommend you to try/test all of them and make money even with torrents/adult content websites. I will update the list when I find other advertising solutions.

  • chris

    hey thanks for these i just wanted to show some support for good posts! 2 years later, still good info. updates?