I will present you a simple way of making money online. With this method you can make 5$ a day or more from adsense with only 15 minutes of work. It is all about HQ pictures, some forums and of course a blog, that will have the subject gossip, celebs.In this way you will drive up to 3000 visitors/day or more (my record was 16000 in one day) that will make you money from only one or two posts on some forums that are ranked very high in Alexa.com. This isn’t a spam method because all your visitors have what they want on your website, so if you make it in english and you know very well to write about gossip some of theme may return back to your website, and you’ll have a great blog.

Now, lets begin:
First of all you need a blog, I recommend WordPress because I am using a plugin for images that helps me a lot. From here you can download the plugin that creates thumbnails for images and has very nice and easy to edit template where your images will appear.
Just unrar the package, upload it to your wp-content/plugins/ folder and activate it from your wp-admin. You can edit the adsense codes and the template from iimage-gallery-template.php and the plugin settings from iimage-gallery.php . Once you have made all the changes you can do some tests to see if the plugin works, make a folder with your ftp on the root of your domain called “images” or how you want and upload some hq images in that folder. Then go to wp-admin to write a post, add this code [galllery] [/gallery] and between add the full links to your images like hxxt://www.yourdomain.com/images/images.jpg . The plugin will create you a gallery with all your images and some thumbnails that you will need for the forums. Here is a little list of websites that have HQ images that you will have to save on your computer, upload them to your images directory, I advice you to create subfolders for every set of images you upload. For example if you have images with Britney Spears you would have to create a folder in images named Britney-Spears (images/Britney-Spears/) then write posts with gallerys… the list:

  • http://www.egotastic.com/
  • http://www.popoholic.com/
  • http://thegrumpiest.com/
  • http://celebslam.buzznet.com/

For more just google or go to their blogroll/
Now that you are k with this plugin it is time to post them on different forums and here is a list that have a lot of traffic:

  • http://www.whatboyswant.com/forum_topics/7 this is the link to the celebs topic which we need, oh and I forgotten you need to make a free user on all the forums that I will tell you because you need to post.
  • http://forum.santabanta.com/ at International Celebrities
  • http://forum.usemycomputer.com/ at New Female Images
  • http://board.freeones.com/ at Celebrity News

This is only a little part of forums, just google for HQ pictures
Now here is a tutorial on how to post the images on the forums. Go to your blog, and in your post, go over an image thumbnail, right click and “Copy image location”. Uff now go to the forum create a new topic, add the title and in the content form you will need to past in [IMG][/IMG] tags the thumbnails adress, example:
[IMG]http://adress to thumbnail[/IMG]
Again, go to your blog and over the same thumbnail right click and “copy link location” then go back to the forum and add like this:
[URL=the link that you copyed][IMG]http://adress to thumbnail[/IMG][/URL]
Repeat this process with all your thumbnails and then post the topic. It is a very simple way to make money online if you are new in this. I can say that when I used this method the first time I made 900$ in 3 months and I think that it is a nice amount of money for only 15 30 minutes spend online. By the way, you will have a lot of traffic and I hope it works for you to, I will be back with new methods that helps.

  • Hi, I wonder if you could show an example of the blog you made to use with this method, just to try and visualise the finished product?


  • Everything is dandy. But WHO is producing the product to be sold through online advertising?