v1.0.2 (April 16, 2014)

  • Fixed: Notices appearing in the Theme Customizer;

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  • cuixiaoke

    Hello,How to modify the theme font size?

  • cuixiaoke

    I’m using your theme, really great! Thank you

  • Oliver

    how to disable mobile version of justwrite?

  • Oliver

    please, answer me

  • José

    Hi, I am testing this template, and I can not set up the blog section, I can not see the blog on the index.

    Can you help me please?

  • admin

    Make sure in your “WP Administration Panel > Settings > Reading” you have selected “Your latest posts”

  • acosmin

    Make sure in your “WP Administration Panel > Settings > Reading” you have selected “Your latest posts”. Next time please use the support forums @ http://wordpress.org/themes/justwrite

  • José

    Thank you! Now I want to know how can I resize the logo’s header.. and how can I add a Menu in the Browser tab.

  • George Cartonic

    Hello. The Acosmin news theme( or a news theme) is still on the track? Visited your site a few times since you come back and nothing new.

  • kavi rajan

    Hi, Any plugin to custom header images available? or snippet of code?

  • Adi Adrian Bolocan

    Trebuie să recunosc că îmi pare rău că această temă nu este premium. Aș fi vrut să o văd doar pe blogul meu și cu siguranță aș fi plătit pentru ea.

  • I am getting this little piece of code showing up in left top in header on front end, can someone please help?
    Live page is here:
    here is the screenshot:
    Thank you in advance 🙂

  • somethingspecial

    Open header.php and remove those lines.

  • Thank you. Are you sure by removing those lines of code don’t break the site/ pages?

  • somethingspecial

    If you don’t want to remove those lines you can replace them with the default code:

    // After the tag starts hook

  • somethingspecial

    hmm, code formatting doesn’t seem to work with disqus…

    You can copy the code from here:


    from line 17 to 20