Before creating a niche website to start making money online from selling specific products you need to know exactly what your customer wants. For this problem the goal is understanding. To motivate someone, to sell someone, to make him buy your product you really need to understand that person. It is very important ! So before starting to creat your niche website of course you need to research the market and here are a few questions you need to answer yourself to get into the mind of your future customer:

  • What trends are occuring and will occur in their businesses or lives ?
  • What do they secretly, ardently desire the most ?
  • Who else is selling something similar to them, and how? That’s why you should research because you need to know well your competition!

So what I want to say is that you need to analyze thorougly, understand your future customers and of course very important is to know their ages, incomes, gender. For example if you want to create a niche website about games, your income wont be big, in some cases it will be zero, because you are targeted to children in general and they of course don’t have credit cards or other methods of paying.
From what I know about 60% of the persons that make money online, a lot of money I want to say, are targeted to customers over 25-30 years, that are interested in buying so before you launch yourself in this business spend a lot more time in researching, there are a lot of free tools online that can help you do this.