I hope you’ve seen the movie “I am legend” starring Will Smith (Robert Neville), otherwise go to a cinema and see it, because in my opinion it’s a great movie. To get an idea about the movie, read the summary from imdb link here. Now let’s compare the story from “I am legend” with Google. I can only imagine that Google is the virus because it has behaved like one since the beginning and so, over the years it has “infected” us by spreading very fast on the internet (in the world) with the help of the monsters (spider bots) that are working full-time to provide the best cache for this search engine.

Because Google is the best virus, people have spread the word about it (infecting other persons) and so it has monopole in this industry for now. But wait, there are some persons out there that are immune to this virus; those persons are all the other search engines like Yahoo, MSN etc, the only problem is that they aren’t good enough to defeat it and save the world. Now comes Robert Neville in action! Who is he? Well he represents all the other projects started with the main goal > destroy Google. I don’t know if you remember, but a few months ago, Germany (Theseus) has started a project that can be described in a few words: “the world’s most advanced multimedia search engine for the next-generation Internet”. Now this can be our salvation, a cure for Google’s domination.

In conclusion I would like a cure like this, because I like new stuff, but until then we remain infected and I think that one day Google will own us. Let’s hope not and go see the movie 🙂 because it already owns me!

  • No offense but this is the worst analogy ever.

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    If you say so 🙂 It’s just an opinion

  • How strange I found this while searching on Google… lol. Remember the virus was meant to be a cure… I think, So why are we so looking forward for a cure for google? I mean are you warning us about something? lol. 😀

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    Because google is starting to own the internet. One day you will see that google will be the internet:) People will say let’s go on google and play or somthing like that 🙂

  • The comparisons you’ve made are as creepy as the movie (and book). Imagine loging in 2 your non-gmail account and finding hundreds of vicious vampire like emails, bots that were once people and surfing the internet with wide expanses of broken down sites and blogs overrun by hive mined google zombies. Your only companion is your virtual pet dog and simple programs that simulate coversations. You run videos of files of life before the google outbreak and reminisce about the time you had more than one password for everything and your facebook, hi5, tagged or myspace wasnt owned, controlled, maintained AND updated by google. 🙁
    – Ok enough of that i dont think i’ll get that far at all I like google thier motto is ‘dont be evil’ for crying out loud! lol. They’re good at what they do and are not driven by intense need to own everything. lol. There are other computer and companies people say would’ve owned the internet-it hasn’t happened. 😀 But it’s an interesting concept… scary indeed. Enough 4 a book or movie?

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    🙂 It was only an idea and I hope I don’t see the day when Google will own us 🙂 It’s true I like their services and I prefer them because they are simply better than msn and yahoo.

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    Oh, by the way don’t make me compare google with The Invasion lol =)) Interesting movie