Yesterday, 26 July 2008, Google updated their famous PageRank and from what I can see my blog has pagerank 5 now. I see this update has an improvement for my blog, because I’ve made a few things to increase my backlinks and even if my pagerank had fallen from 4 to 3 or 0 I would see that as an improvement because it lets me know that I did something wrong and I need to repair it as soon as possible. Keep in mind that a bad experience with Google’s PageRank is good, because you’ll learn new things by researching the problem and you’ll find new ways to improve pagerank.

Another great thing with this new pagerank update is that for the first time Google informed webmasters through Matt Cutts’s blog that they would update the PageRank Toolbar in a few days. For sure this stopped the chaos in the webmasters world and on forums like digitalpoint and sitepoint, where noobies were starting threads every 5 minutes asking if pr updated.

So from my experience I can tell you a few ways (except submitting to web and article directories) to improve your pagerank.

1. Create your own blog network. If you have a few blogs which you update frequently, you have the opportunity to link them and pagerank will for sure increase for them. I’ve made this with an article directory which is constantly pagerank 5 after two updates. How I did this? Well I added a link to it on all my blogs and I made sure that it doesn’t link to other websites (I think it has only one link).

2. Create your own keywords. Although it has never been confirmed (like the rumor that the older your blog is the higher your pagerank will be) I think that branding some keywords, creating some new ones gives your website/blog an identity which might influence the pagerank algorithm. For example I have a few keywords like: AcosminMAG, AcosminTYPO, Acosmin etc which are not used on other blogs. Also some bloggers link to me with the an anchor text that contains those keywords.

3. Try Internal Linking. This will for sure increase the authority of certain pages on your website/blog or even on your index. From what I’ve tested some pages on this blog like the “wordpress themes” page has a few links from some of my posts and so it is one of the most visited pages on this blog and has it’s own pagerank (I am talking about organic traffic).

Here are a few things you shouldn’t do:

1. Links from Social Bookmarking websites are strange! I know they help you get your posts indexed faster, but how many of you seen that those SB websites rank higher than you in searchengines. If you only want to get traffic from SB websites and get indexed faster then use them, but if you want to be on the first position for something try to get links for your articles from somewhere else. In the same time I think that links from social bookmarking websites are equal to 0 when it comes to pagerank .

2. Don’t use link farms. I’ve seen a lot of bloggers using this method to increase their pagerank and in the same time they were panelized by Google with a pagerank decrease or a ban in the search engine. It is not worth it, because links from link farms are equal to 0 and it is considered a spam method.

3. Obviously don’t sell links. You know that Google started a war with link sellers and you should not add things like “sponsored links” on your blog. Instead try to add links only in your blog roll and don’t exceed more than 10 links.

I hope you are happy with your new pagerank. 🙂

  • Nice article. But does google really take away cause you sell links?