I don’t want to say that Google lacks of inspiration because it is not true. They always have something new to promote, for example Google Chrome which brought new futures and technologies in the browsers industry, it is a great product developed by a well-known brand. Now when it comes to search, Google is on first place in my opinion and because everything evolves, search should too. That is why Google made some major changes to the search interface, for example:

They added digg style buttons, one that lets you promote a search result, one to remove a listing and the last one which helps you leave a note/comment. At the same time Google made a smart move, all your votes show up only when you are logged in and also to Google users who take a look in “See all notes for this SearchWiki” section.

Bellow you have a small presentation for Google’s new Search interface.

[flv:http://www.acosmin.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/11/google_searchwiki.flv 425 320]

At the same time I don’t know what measures they’ll take to prevent users from gaming this voting system, because at the moment if you have enemies they can very easy leave a bad note attached to your website. We’ll have to wait and see!

UPDATE: Will Yahoo implement the same voting system for their search system? After all they are in heavy crisis right now.

  • I didn’t notice this lol.
    I was too busy with the gmail themes. 🙂

  • This new feature that Google launched made my work easier. I can select my list of search list, reorganize, delete, and add comment to each link.