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    Hi, I couldn’t find any post or document relating to a way to rename the menu on mobile platforms and was wondering if there is a way to do that. That is my main question.

    My second question has to do with the menu, but if it is going to take up your valuable time then I’d rather you not get frustrated with it. I want to move my actions-menu that I have moved with on mobile platforms to the right, just a bit more to the right as it just barely overlaps on my Galaxy S7. I can definitely deal with it if it is going to take too much resource. That is why it is such a minor question. I used this code I found you posted:

    Here is a picture of the tablet version for easy reference to each question:



    1. To change the menu title you need to translate that string, as you would normally translate the theme. You can use https://srd.wordpress.org/plugins/loco-translate/ for example.

    The translation for this item also has context information: mobile anchor text

    2. If you move it a little to the right, wouldn’t it overlap even more with the menu.

    Anyway, the actions menu shouldn’t contain that many items, it was meant for one or two buttons. It would be a temporary fix, I am planning on moving it inside the mobile menu, I will work on this at the beginning of next year.

    I am off now for a few days, happy holidays!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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