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    Thank you very much for your theme, I like it a lot and it’s working well. I just have one problem, with the slider and the featured images… I tried with and without the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin, and using the recommended dimensions (1920x1080px) to the images that I uploaded, but everytime my pictures are cropped in weird ways.

    In the slider, the first picture is uncropped and appears fine, but next ones are cut in the bottom, in a way that part of the slider’s display is missing and leaves a blank. This happens only in the desktop version. Then in the posts pages, the featured images are all cropped in the bottom (mobile&desktop).

    How can I manage to display my featured pictures properly and how can I make them appear fine and equal in the slider?

    Thanks your help


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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