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    Ive figured out how to change individual page headers and how to change the featured image for stuff like the woocommerce shop, product categorys and built in blog page. But im wondering if its possible to change headers for individual products. For example if i click into “Shop” it shows the featured image, but when i click on a certain item to view more details it uses the main product image as the header also, which looks quite unprofessional, is there any way for me to sort this?

    Thanks and i am loving the theme, took me so long to find one that fit my needs!


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    Unfortunately there isn’t a solution for this. I’ll take a look and maybe add an option, but I can’t promise it will be soon…

    What exactly would you like instead of the product image?



    Hey, thanks for getting back so quick! Perfect, if you do let me know!

    Just the option to choose a header of its own, whether you can only pick one for all products, you can choose one for each individual product or even if it just claims the same image as the “featured image” used for shop, product category’s and the blog page! Just something other than a blown up version of the product being viewed!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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