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    Hi! I have two small problems at the moment with the BusinessX theme.

    1. Homepage Parallax Image Slider: On the homepage (Slider Section), I was wondering how you could make the header image parallax. I have also checked out the Settings Menu in the Customizer to enable Parallax Imaging on Custom Headers, but that doesn’t seem to affect the header image. Unlike the Actions Section, there is not an option to enable parallax for the slider image in the Slider Section.

    2. Contact Section Submit Button: I was also wondering about how I would be able to change the Hover and Active States of the Submit button of the Contact Section. I changed the colours of the theme to swap blue and green because I wanted blue to be the ‘primary’ colour (meaning the one that is seen the most). This made the button inactive state blue, but the hover and active states are still green. I wanted to know how I could change the colour of those two states for the submit button as I cannot find any options that will do achieve that (I would assume they would be next to the Submit Button Background Colour option in the Colours menu of the Contact Section). I have combed through every colour option but none of them will change those two states.


    Sorry if these questions already have answers, I just couldn’t find anything

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