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    Hi Admin, We need some help too! It appears our front page is gone? When I go to customizer the Edit Front Page Sections does not appear and a page with just the front page title loads.
    Any suggestions. We tried from several devices and cleared cache.
    Here is our version information…
    Business Extensions
    Businessx Child Theme 1.0.0
    WordPress 4.7.2
    Where is the front page configuration saved?



    The current page (with the title “Industrial Automation Software Compnay with SCADA & HMI Software | Progea North America”) displayed on your website as front page doesn’t have the “Front Page” page template selected for it. You can check that out by looking in the page source, search for body and in the class attribute it says: page-template-default.



    Hi Admin, Honestly I am not sure what happened. I just went into the admin console after you mentioned the page we had configured was not set to Front Page template. I edited this and seems all is OK now. Apologize for the alarm!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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