JustWrite Freebies


JustWrite Freebies is a WordPress plugin developed for this theme (JustWrite). It is available as a free download only for registered users. You can register an account on this page.

After you activate your account you are able to download it from your Account panel > Your Products:


JustWrite Freebies contains the following features/widgets:

New Navigation Menu

Page Preloader

Twitter Stream Widget

300x250px AD Widget

125x125px ADs Widget

How to install JustWrite Freebies?

Download the .zip file and follow the video instructions:

Second Navigation Menu

This adds a second navigation menu in the Header. To set it up follow the video instruction below:

Page Preloaders

If you don’t want users to see elements loading slowly, you can use this options to add a loading animation until the page is fully loaded and ready for presentation.

Twitter Stream widget

In order to use our Twitter Widget you will need to create a Twitter Application. This is necessary to obtain access tokens and secrets.

  1. Go to https://dev.twitter.com/apps/new.
  2. Enter a name, description and website url for your Application.
  3. If you agree with “Developer Rules of the Road”, click on “Yes, I agree” and “Create your Twitter Appliecation”.


Now head over to https://dev.twitter.com/apps/, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Create my access token”.

In the Twitter Application Manager, click on the “API Keys” tab. From this page you will need the API key, API secret, Access token and Access token secret.



Open the WordPress Administration Panel, go to “Appearance” and then “Widgets”. Select the “AC: Latest Tweets” widget, drag&drop it in one of the sidebars and click on it.

Copy paste the API keys in the input fields, you should have something like this:


Advertising Banners widgets

JustWrite Freebies includes two advertising widgets:

AC: 300x250px Ad


1. Title – acts as a widget title, you can leave this empty if you don’t want to show one.

2. Small Title & 3. Small Title URL – you can use them to add a link to your Advertising page.

3. Ad’s HTML Code – use this textarea to add your banner code.

AC: 125x125px Ads

This widget has the same options as AC: 300x250px Ad. One small difference is that it has 4 text areas for each ad.