Is it or not ? In my opinion blogging isn’t bullshit, but it depends on what kind of blogger you are: full time blogger or a part time one.
K so a full time blogger is a person who has a blog, has a niche that he follows, searches for methods of getting huge amounts of traffic and hopes to make money online from sponsors or by adding ads from different ad programs. As in the US the standard work week is 40 hours, a blogger works 6 days (without Sunday 🙂 for some) a week at an average of 9 hours a day, so 6×9 = 54hours of work for a good full time blogger that earns over 3000$ a month from this. So for most of the people who have a full time job, the only problem is that most don’t like what they do, but for a blogger that started 3 or 4 years ago to blog without being payd for this, only for passion, now he works more than a normal person for almost the same money but with 14 hours extra a week. In this job, I think it is all about passion.

Now, a part time blogger I think it is a person that works 1-3 hours a day for 200-400$ a month. But he doesn’t do it for the money he does it after he comes home from a normal job, and because he has a personal blog (diary) with no niche where he posts only what he feels and thinks on some problems he has. It is only for passion and fun.
I was looking today in a ebook called ‘100 Bullshit Jobs’ by Stanley Bing (chinese, japanese I think 🙂 and on the front cover it says author of Sun Tzu was a Sissy; nice title 😀 and nice book I think ) and in the list of bullshit jobs you can find blogging. So what Stanley did was to make a simple equation that calculates how bullshit a job is. So for blogging he tells us what skills are required: ability to write thoughts, resentments, rumors, lies, stuff you have, haven’t heard and so one. So the bloggers duty is to write all day and all night in his opinion and as examples he gives some famous people like Nick Denton, Matt Drudge and Jim Romenesko. As result he says that this is the first bullshit job that you can have, with no training and no experience but has I sayd early a full time blogger has some years of exp and 3-4 years of researching in some niche.
Again for the part time blogger I think, he says that you need a full, daily dose of imagination and people that pouring nonsense into your head that you can repeat.
In conclusion full time blogging is something and part time is what he says in his book. And has a conclusion from Patrick Murray: “The trouble with the internet is that it’s replacing masturbation as a leisure activity” 😀 funny, now ? Oh and please vote if blogging is bullshit .

  • Ionel

    si cam cat trafic ar trebui sa am pe luna ptr a castiga 3000$, si cat pentru 300$?

    Frumoase template ai aici, pacat ca nu si pentru blogger – blogspot. Da, blogger e naspa daca vorbim despre SEO dar in acelasi timp e si avantajul ca dau doar 10 $ pentru domeniu, anual. Nu ca ar fi cam mult 100 dolari (aproximativ) cu si self hosted domain dar cum sa zic…. acum de vreo luna am un blogger cu domeniu personalizat, dar am avut si doua fara domeniu personalizat. Am castigat 5 dolari, cu ele in ultimile luni si deci nici nu ma gandesc sa dau 100$ an de an daca nu scot banii inapoi, 10$ mai merge sa dau. Si sa stii ca am muncit mult la ele, ca nu am avut de lucru si nici nu am …. si deci am avut timp pentru ele. Revenind la template imi pare bine sa vad pe cineva cu numele cosmin facand template caci din cate vad eu zilele astea cel putin pentru blogger 90% din template sunt facute de tipi de prin indonezia sau tari vecine care … multi dinte ei mi se par suspecti in ce priveste capacitatea lor de a face template, ca 1 exemplu falcon hive a convertit multe template si inca o face din wp pe blogger si unele au avut probleme seo cum ar fi zinmag remedy, primus( ale convertita de el). Am ajuns aici dupa ce am vazut pe cineva care a convertit Typography din wp pentru blogger…. dar slaba fata de asta originala de wp. Adica sidebarurile din dreapta nu mai au dimensiunile originale, footer-ul a disparut ( locurile unde poti adauga videori sau alte chestii) si alte chestii… plus ca mi-ar fi placut sa am pagini 123 nu old new post. Oricum ca o incheire faci treaba buna cu templatele astea