For those who don’t know that Google added new referrals to their advertising program go to your adsense account in Referrals and you will see that they have a lot of affiliates that pay good money to sell their products. So I would like to tell you some good referrals that will make you cash if you have a blog in english with traffic from USA. You can add them because the referals from this list are paying money for free sign-up or free download software and so you will be able to make some money online.

  • In the first category you have Google products that you are already familiar with. From this category the best paying and with a good conversion rate is Firefox plus Google Toolbar because a lot of people that are browsing the internet use Microsoft Internet Explorer that as a lot of bugs and displays some pages wrong.
  • From the Business category my favourite is Business Schools – Monster that pay up to $9.23 if the customer completes an online school form. Another good referral is Secret Shopper that pays $1.92 for a Full Registration.
  • From the Computers & Electronics section, Coghead pays $4.62 for a free registration and Xbox up to 2$ for a free sing-up. There is also if you have a forum with the subject software, Spyware Terminator that pays 0.80$ for a download.
  • In the Entertainment section you have RealAge Health Newsletter with some nice flash banners that I think they have a good conversion rate and of cours they pay for a signup $1.54. Also there is that has some realy interesting banners and pays 1.15$ for a signup.
  • Now from the Finance & Insurance section you have a lot of good referrals that pay a lot of money and you know that best paying keywords are from finanse, banks etc. From this section I like, and used Eloan that pays 38.46$
    for a Sign up that gives more information on a loan.
  • In the Food and drinks cat there is only Home Cooking Magazine that I like and has a great conversion rate and they pay $3.08 if they signup for a magazine. Food isn’t for free 🙂
  • Oho 🙂 from the Games section you have from where to chose almost all referrals pay for a singup over 1$ and they all have a high click conversion rate. First advertisers with 4 or 5 stars are the best.
  • The Health section is money making I tell you. You know that on the internet some of the best paying keyword are for cancer and other diseases but the problem with this section is that they don’t pay for signups or downloads, si you should take a look through all of them
  • In the Photo & Video you will see that there are a lot of advertisers that pay for singups. For me the best one is Sharpcast with 1.15$ per singup and if you have a forum or something with a free ad space ad Free Fotolog, they pay 0.30$.
  • From both Recreation and Traveling sections I advice you for FREE TravelPod Travel Blogs with $1.15 for Register as a new member on
  • From Shopping as you all know they all require and pay if the person buys something 🙁 I don’t like this section
  • Telecomunication section isn’t good at all the best and easy referral is emoze with $0.38 for Free Download of Mobile Email Application

Referrals is a good way to make money online especially if you have niche websites but I advise you to search for the best advertiser that pays well and has a good conversion rate. So go and test them and leave me a comment if it works well for you. Good luck

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    John McCall

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