I’ve been designing wordpress themes for a while now and a thing is for sure, my clients love magazine style themes :). That’s why I’m releasing a new theme called AcosminMAG2.

You might say it looks a bit like AcosminSIMPLE and less like the first version of AcosminMAG, but I assure you it has some major improvements in terms of code and design.

Here are some of the main features:

A nicely designed slider

For your favorite articles. You only need to select a category from the theme’s option panel. If you do not want the slider to show up, you can disable it.
acosminmag2 slider

4 featured boxes for 4 featured categories

Simply select four categories and the latest articles will appear on the main page. As with the slider, you can disable this option from the options panel.
acosminmag2 featured categories

3 Page templates for your menu or index

AcosminMAG2 comes with three page templates: one for a normal blog view, one for a full width page (in case you don’t want the sidebar) and the other displays your archives and categories.
acosminmag2 page templates

Displaying latest news and comments in tabs

A simple and organized way to display your latest posts (with thumbnails) and recent comments.
acosminmag2 tabs

Widgets spots for the sidebar and footer

The theme has widgets spots in all three footer columns and one in the sidebar.

5 color schemes

You can choose from five color schemes, the default is red.
acosminmag2 color schemes

That is all! I hope you like it and find it useful for your needs 🙂

  • Wonderful theme.it’s clean

  • Rowan Gillson

    Just wondering what that empty grey box is next to the Retweet and Digg sharing links, is that a spot for an ad as I didn’t see any configuration option for ads in posts from the backend screenshot? Just curious 🙂

  • admin

    I actually thought a client would like to insert more badges in that space, like stumble, reddit etc. Sure you can also add an ad there, manually.