Because my inbox is full of emails with suggestions to update my latest wordpress theme, acosmin v3, well a miracle has happened today. I am not lazy so here is acosmin v3.1 which has some bugs fixed, the desired wiget ready option (with 4 spots to place your widgets) and a new color scheme.

Acosmin v3.1 blue – wordpress theme | Live demo

Acosmin v3.1 orange – wordpress theme | Live demo

Hope you enjoy them! Now I must make acosmin v2 widgets ready!

PS It works fine with the new platform wordpress v2.5

  • Hi,

    I’ve got to say – you’ve got the coolest themes around; and FREE to boot!

    While live demoing the Acosmin theme there was a theme switcher and another great theme came up – – is this theme available anywhere on your site? I could not see it anywhere.

    Many thanks!

  • admin

    It will be available soon. I think 🙂 !

  • Thanks! I will be watching for it!

    Many thanks!

  • Hi, you put together a great theme! Just letting you know that I have featured it on my site

    Keep up the good work!

  • 7h0ma5

    Very nice Theme!

  • Hey…this is the best theme ever… good work..

  • Awesome theme! I am going to be using it for an upcoming anime website that I am developing

  • Thanks for the great work .. I am using this theme on my site …

  • Incearca sa te axezi pe themele pentru news! Sunt mult mai interesante, si mai usor de modificat, plus ca le-ai putea adauga cateva features interesante! 😉

  • Hi, i am using your theme too its very nice – thank you. there’s only one problem – the titel like “categories” and “advertising” are away after a few seconds. whats the reason for it?

  • really really like the theme

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  • Hi..i’ve download this theme..nice one…
    How can I make sub-categories in this format:-

    Video(main categories)

  • Great theme! Thanks for making your themes available free to everyone. I have downloaded the latest v3.1 theme , it works just great.
    The only problem is that when installed the code for Archive and Categories , Archives on the left sidebar & META on the right sidebar are not written.
    Maybe you can post the code here so everyone can easily use it.
    Keep up the good work !

  • admin

    exgrafix, in your wp-admin go to design > (with the theme selected) press on widgets > and you should have there categories, archive etc … just add them in your sidebar (learn to use widgets)

  • Great theme!! I have just started using it today on my website and it looks great, really like the ad placement =]

  • Fatal error: Cannot redeclare mdv_recent_posts() (previously declared in /www/htdocs/w0098a5f/wp-content/plugins/recent-post/recent-post.php:11) in /www/htdocs/XXXXXXXX/wp-content/themes/acosminv3-extend-normal/functions.php on line 153

    Tried to install it today with wordpress 2.5.1 german

  • ups sorrey please delete i see it was a plugin

  • Nice one for the orange!

    One thing though, I was working on a site for someone, and got the blue one before the orange was released, and just changed it to orange. Did you see it or something? :P.

  • Hello,

    Thanks for the great themes. I am using the orange one. But i have sceening trouble in ie6. In the index page -when installing in ie6- whole page slides to the left. But it seems normal when in the single page. And at the same time there is problem in the sidebar300.

    Explaining the problems in English is so difficult for me. You will see the problem when you visit.

    What do you reccomend me to solve the problem?

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  • Hi,
    Thanks for making these great themes! I also am using the orange one but have some modifications I was wondering if you could help me with?
    1. Remove top 468×60 ad, replace with 728×90 ad
    2. Beneath 300×250 right side bar ad, create two columns, one that is 140 wide,the second, on the far right, at 160 wide.
    3. Remove “recent comments”
    4. Remove “search”
    5. Categories should live in top of right 140 column (I’ve already added the widget)
    6.Archives should live in bottom of far right 160 column, basically beneath a 160×600 ad

    Please let me know if you can make those changes…



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  • thx 4 the great theme

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  • will it works on WP 2.7? thanks

  • I love the theme, and want to work with it…but I was curious if there was a way to have to have the drop downs actually drop down. Also if there is more than one drop down it looks like it goes to the next column. Any way around this?

    Thanks for the great template.

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