Here is my letter for Santa Clause. I’ll email it tomorrow! 🙂

Dear Santa,

I am a little boy and I think you already know this. The thing is that this is my first year on the internet and I started to do some interesting stuff, maybe you know what a blog or blogging is. If not you should google for it, of course if you have a computer and you know how to use it! I’ll get straight to the point, maybe you can understand me after all: blogging every day is hard, I destroyed my brain searching for information and learning every day from ebooks and other pwnage bloggers. This means that I am a studios boy and after all I behaved well all the year, because my social life is kinda over and I didn’t have with who to argue or fight! Now because I was a good boy all the year I want you to bring some gifts. Here is a list of the things that I want to have under my Christmas tree on 25 December (If not don’t even bother to fit your big fat as down my chimney because I KILL YOU):

  • A laptop! This is an essential tool for blogging. Why? Because I want to do some live blogging when I get out of my room and then go to the bathroom! It’s the place where I get the most inspiration and I don’t know why. You should try it to some day!
  • Because I know you will bring me a laptop, you should consider buying me a dedicated server as well, because my passion for blogging (I will create a lot of quality content from my bathroom) will result in huge amounts of traffic and I don’t want downtimes.
  • A copy of the book “Blogging for dummies”. This isn’t for me because I know how to blog. I need to scan it and then spread it on the internet, maybe some of the n00bs will learn how to blog. By the way Santa, in your way to my house you can read it to. Maybe in the near future you will buy the domain (if it’s not too expensive) and start blogging about how I introduced you to this world (a link to my blog in your blogroll is a must).
  • And my last wish is a Sanyo Xacti CG7 or 8, not 6 like John Chow because I want my video blogging to be ubersmooth. It’s not so expensive I think! I want the best just don’t bring me the same video camera as his!

I am waiting for you Santa! I just hope the rumor that you are my father isn’t true because I don’t know what …. Ah I know what I’ll do!! The domain NOMORESANTACLAUS.COM is free, I’ll buy it and do some smart advertising for children between 6-12 years old and you are history. Blame it on my father !!!

Sincerly Cosmin!

  • bloggingstyle

    Nice letter and funny 🙂 I hope Santa will bring me your first wish a laptop 🙂

  • may badawi

    smart kids